Who Elso Wants To Build Their Own Money Making Website And Fire Their Boss?

Why Do You Need This Particular Course?

1. It's a complete "all in one" package and assumes you know nothing!

2. It's for complete newbies . . .

* No skills
* No knowledge
* No clue

Magic Pill 3. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme or "magic pill" type of solution like is promised by many of the gurus out there, but rather a build an online business the right way on a strong foundation.

4. It's broken down into bite sized chunks so you don't get overwhelmed.
5. You are NEVER stuck because you will have my direct email and I will personally answer your questions. Email
6. If we can't sort whatever is causing you grief via email, I will call you. (pretty cool eh?) Phone

Qualifications . . .

1. Turn on a computer.

2. Read email.

3. Have an internet connection.

If you can do the above 3 steps, you have all the skills needed to complete this course and learn step by step how to build your very own money making website.

Why listen to me?

I've been on the internet for about 8 years now.  I started out buying everything there was to buy - the latest and greatest product promising to make me millions, but it was only after I stopped doing this, and got back to basics and actually stuck at something for more than 5 minutes that I started to make money.

If this is what you are currently doing, you have 2 choices . . .

1. Continue as you are and continue to get the same results.

2. Get back to basics, stop buying everything going and stick at it.

If you are a total beginner, you have picked a great place to start, as long as you don't fall into the bad habit of buying everything that the gurus tell you to.

What Can You Expect From This Course?

You will receive one email from me every single day.  Contained in that email will be a short lesson explained in either a video (maybe more than 1) or a document or both teaching you how to do the daily task.

Each daily task will be small, and explained thoroughly and will assume you have no idea how to complete the daily task before completing the lesson.

You will be amazed at how simple each daily task is, and at how fast you will catch on.

If you miss a day or two or three etc, you will just continue on from where you left off when you get back to it, however I encourage you to try to find 20 minutes each and every day to complete the daily tasks I send you.  This is because firstly you will get your money making website up and running much faster, but more importantly, it will keep your momentum going which is one of the big hurdles many people face.

Why should you give up your time for this?

1. You can fire your boss.

2. If you don't have a boss, you will be your own boss.

3. The economy is very very sad (and getting sadder by the day).  Can you really afford not to do this course?
4. Have you heard people talk about the "internet lifestyle"?  Wouldn't you like it too?  Why shouldn't you have the time, money and freedom it can give you to do the things you want with your loved ones! Travel
5. Don't you owe it to your kids, parents and loved ones?

How Long Will This Take?

1. You will have your website up and running within a week.

2. You will have your website formatted correctly to keep google happy within 2 weeks.

Traffic Note: What sort of person would I be if I just left it at that?  Where would you get visitors or traffic from?

3. We will then spend some time enhancing your website, adding features that will attract people to it and monetising it which will take us a few more weeks.

4. Then we are going to work on getting traffic to your website.  There are a number of free and paid methods, so we will cover both.

5. Finally we are going to get your own product to put on your website, which is what will contribute significantly to your income.

So getting a website up and running is only a matter of a few days, but there is more to it than that.  In order to have a successful money making website,
I have scheduled 90 days of lessons for you, so you are not left with a website but no visitors or traffic.  If you can set aside approximately 20 minutes each day, you will be thanking me all the way to the bank in 90 days time.

What's that you say - you don't have a spare 20 minutes per day because you are busy with work and your partner and the kids and the dog, cat, bird, fish, housework, social life etc?  For $5 I can help solve that problem.  Get on ebay and buy yourself an alarm clock and get up 20 minutes early each day. Alarm Clock

Oh you don't want to?  Ok - that's easy - wait for the weekend and set aside 3 hours and do it all in one go!

There - problem solved.  If you don't like either of these solutions, you are not serious about wanting to make money online.  You have to do the work once to reap the ongoing rewards going forward.

What Happens After The Course Is Finished?

Excited I will offer you the chance to ramp up your business - put it into top gear, and implement some advanced strategies to make even more money.
Everything will always be offered in small chunk sized bites so you never feel overwhelmed.  One small step at a time is the key.

One option offered to you will be learning how to sell your website if you wish to for a tidy sum, and turning around and doing it all over again.

Another course offered to you will be how to outsource this work for mere pennies, paying someone else next to nothing to do all of this for you - while you do . . . whatever it is you want to do . . . maybe golf/relax/world travel.

Okay, so how much is this going to cost me?

Well, let's see . . .

1. You can replace your income and then some once you learn these skills.

2. A lot of hard work has gone into this course.

3. What would each lesson be worth, based on the fact it adds to your knowledge base? $100/lesson?  $50/lesson?  $20/lesson?  $10/lesson?  $5/lesson?  $2/lesson?


All I'm asking for is less than a mere $1 per lesson (less than just one buck a day).  If you can't afford it, turn off the TV and save on electricity and you will be able to afford it.  If the result of your $1 per day is your own money making website up and running making you money week in week out and changing your life - isn't that money well spent?

Thumbs Up You have access to me - to email me - and to get your questions, queries and concerns answered by me personally.  That alone is worth more than the $1 per day!

Can I guarantee your success?  No!  I know how to make money as an internet marketer, but I don't know how to make you work.  Only you know how to make you work.  So if you skip lessons and days and steps, then I'd say it won't work out for you.  You must be prepared to put the relatively small amount of work in up front, to reap the ongoing rewards over and over and over again going forward.

So click the yellow "Add To Cart" button below, and lets get you on your way to success immediately.  Don't delay.

"Life Is Very Very Short"

This is not a trial run.  This is YOUR LIFE.  Are you on the path towards success, or are you cowering in a corner somewhere in case the big bad world eats you up???

What is the worst case scenario that could happen to you here?  You are not going to die, you are not going to jail, you are not going to fall off the top of a building to your death.  The absolute worst case scenario is that you will try this and you will fail.  That's it.  That's the worst case.

Why not give it a shot.  I'm offering you this start from scratch program to change your life, and make a difference in the lives of your family and loved ones, as well as your own.

For mere peanuts, you could be getting rid of that boss - or better yet have him or her coming to you asking you how you transformed your life and could you provide him or her with some training . . . ha ha maybe you could be your boss's boss.  Wouldn't that be cool?

Click the yellow "Add To Cart" button below to get started.

Still not convinced?

Have a listen to this . . .


If this doesn't convince you to get off your rear end get this thing started, nothing will.  You will need 10 minutes, headphones and some privacy.  This is powerful stuff - don't underestimate it's ability to get you moving.

Now this is the part where you say one of the following 2 things . . .

1. My family and I deserve an awesome life so I'm going to take action and make this happen!  I'm clicking the button below to get started right now.


2. No - my family and I don't deserve any better than we have now so I can't be bothered having a go.  I'll just continue on doing what I've been doing and hope for the best!

Tick Deep down you know the right answer - the question is, will you put your fears and insecurities aside for the sake of your loved ones, or is it just not worth making the effort?

I hope you come on this journey with me.  You are not alone - you have access to me so you will never be stuck.  I'm going to hold your hand the entire way. Hold hands

As the people at Nike say . . .

Just do it

Don't delay.  Start now, click the yellow "Add To Cart" button below and let's get the show on the road.  I'll be very excited to see you on the other side.

Once you click the "Add To Cart" button, you will be taken to a payment page.  After submitting your payment details, you will be taken to a welcome page which will contain "getting started" instructions.

If you don't receive the welcome page within 10 minutes, and it is not in your junk or spam folder, please send an email to . . .